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Yearly Instruction Cranes (6YIK01-23/24)

Yearly instruction for crane operators

Appropriate training, in accordance with the regulations of the Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV), with testing, obtaining a driving licence and yearly instruction are therefore essential for driving a crane.

You will learn in this training how to avoid accidents by driving with foresight and acting carefully. You will be informed about where the limits, e.g. at appropriate speeds, of your crane are.

Content Crane Online Course

Overview of crane types
Overview of the different machine types 1 / 2
Overview of the different types of machines 2 / 2
Duties of the crane operator
4x4 Rules of instruction for the daily use of cranes
Instructions for driving cranes
Memory game
Safety equipment
Duties of the slinger
Load capacities
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Game
Proper selection of lifting gear
Duties of the slinger
Sharp edges
Lifting slings and chains
Operating instructions
Pulling loads at an angle, dragging loads and moving vehicles with cranes
Use in case of danger from electric current
Wind speeds
Accidents and fault
  • Yearly Instruction Cranes
  • Yearly Instruction Cranes - Test
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  • Sie erhalten ein Zertifikat mit der Dauer: 1 Jahr